Looking for that Special Caterer in LA

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If you’re getting married in the City of Angels, you’ve picked a great place. Los Angeles is home to every single service you could possible need on your special day and each come with a number of options.

Catering is a perfect example. Due to their large population, many couples want Armenian catering for their wedding day. There are plenty of cities in California where this might be difficult, but not LA. Persian catering is huge business there, so you’ll be able to have at least a few options.

Picking the right caterer, though, is still an involved process. If you don’t have the right food at your reception, it will be noticeable. So make sure you pick a service that has a history of catering Persian food and not simply one that’s willing to accommodate you. Persian food has specific ingredients and flavors that only an experienced chef can pull off right.

You’ll need to consider your price range, of course. Set your budget early so you know exactly how much you can afford. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of overspending and that can make your wedding day a stressful one (which it might already be).

While there are a number of things to consider in order to make your special day a successful one, catering needs to be toward the top. The right food will keep everyone’s spirits high and fuel the celebration all night.

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The Best Beaches in Miami

The city of Miami has countless choices when it comes to Apartments for sale. Houses in Miami are always a hot commodity too. But there’s more to Miami than just real estate, but if you’re planning to put some money down on it, you might want to think about where the best beaches are first.  Because when you live in Miami, life is a day at the beach, but it’s still nice to be close to one.

The North Shore Park is a beautiful one that’s criminally underrated by tourists and locals alike. However, this is to your advantage. Not only will you have more beach to yourself, but the amenities are in much better condition as well.

Everyone knows Haulover Beach is a beautiful one as well. But be sure to choose this one only if you’re naturalist or don’t mind being around others. This is the only nude beach that’s legal in Miami, after all.

Crandon Park Beach is a sight to behold. If you were going to take a picture of a Miami beach and put it on a post card, this would be the one. Of course, besides the palm trees and sandy shores, you also have a gorgeous park outfitted with all kind of grills for cooking and enjoying yourself when visiting.

If you’re going to make Miami your home, it’s safe to say you’ll be spending time at the beach. So why not find real estate that’s close to one of the above?


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