How to Stop Negative People from Bringing You Down

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How to Stop Negative People from Bringing You Down

Written by Heather Richards

It’s hard to stay positive, especially if you have negative people in your life who want to bring you down. Whether they do it on purpose or not, many people focus on the negative aspects of life and in the process discourage others from following their dreams and goals. If you’re tired of allowing these people to bring you down, it’s time to do something about it. Inspired by the writings of Dr. Eric Amidi, here is one way you can stop negative people from bringing you down:

Ask the right question. According to Dr. Eric Amidi, people who are pessimists often focus on the perceived problems instead of the solutions. A simple but effective way to combat their negativity is to ask them a certain question: “What would you recommend we should do to solve the problem?” This one question will change the direction of the conversation from the negative to the positive; from focusing on the problem to the solution. It even encourages teamwork and allows both parties to work together to come up with a solution to the problem. It might even make the negative person realize that the perceived problem might not be a realistic threat.

So the next time someone negative tries to bring you down, ask the question mentioned above. However, Dr. Eric Amidi reminds readers that there is right and wrong way to ask this question. When you ask, make sure that you ask it without an attitude. Be genuine, kind, and ready to hear the answer.

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Reach Wider Segments of the Mobile Market with These Tricks

The mobile market continues to grow, and more businesses are viewing it as a channel rather than as a silo. As a result, more effort is put into reaching mobile users and perfecting messaging on the small screen. The mobile market is still ripe for disruption and these tricks will help get you familiar with the basics you need to reach a wider segment of your audience.

Intelligence and Targeting

Begin with a profile of your ideal buyer. Describe this person by age, income level and anything else you can think of. Think about the user’s intent, and why she might be searching for something similar to your product. Next, conceptualize location and how that factors into your sales proposition. Can you offer a lower price with free shipping, or an alternative that doesn’t involve the user leaving her room? Use the answers to these questions to inform both your messaging and your targeting. Be direct in your call to action, using language like “Order Now” or “Play Today”. Be specific in your targeting, and narrow down as much as you can. Mobile is driven by immediacy, so use whatever you can to cater to the sense of instant fulfillment.

Developing Tests

One of the first tests you can run for a campaign might be day parting. This simple test looks at which days of the week, and times of day, are most likely to provide conversions for your campaign. Begin by reviewing your data and creating a new ad group. In this new group, cut the least productive day from your campaign and let the campaign run to see if performance increases. This is the stepping stone to a larger group of tests, where you can dissect which days perform best.

Always begin a test with a question or a theory in mind. Day parting is easy because you can accumulate enough data to form some thoughts on it within a few weeks. Other concepts, like messaging, require research and outside the box thinking. If you begin by trying to beat your current records, you’re sure to find success and scale your campaigns.

Ideas on Messaging

As a final trick, be specific with your messaging. Zero in on the problem your audience is trying to solve, and begin with that as the basis for your taglines. Describe exactly what your product solves in the fewest possible words, and include images like screenshots to help illustrate your points. If format is a concern, use the colors of your brand.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR, a mobile and display advertising exchange. Ted Dhanik started with and, where he helped to strategically grow the brands. engage:BDR, led by Ted Dhanik, helps businesses grow leads online.

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