Your First Mobile Campaigns: What You Need to Know

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Mobile is hot. So hot you should drop everything and devote your entire budget to it. Right? The key to mobile is a layered approach, like an onion. If you incorporate some of the strategies you utilize on desktop, and some new strategies based around mobile marketing, you’ll have a good chance of developing a strong alternative stream of traffic.

Where to Begin

Mobile can feel foreign if you’ve spent most of your time competing for desktop banner advertising traffic. The first thing you’ll notice is that mobile users have a certain sense of urgency to them. You also have more options, and in some cases different options, that you can use to target people. One example is geo-location, which becomes hyperlocalized when you utilize a mobile device with built in GPS.

Without getting too deep into intricacies, here are some good places to start your mobile marketing journey:

  • Target by Carrier: Mobile app marketers will appreciate the ability to target by carrier. Great for loyalty campaigns, or testing for customer acquisition.
  • Target by Manufacturer: If you know the device a user is using, you can build an ad that will display perfectly on that device.
  • Location: Instead of targeting by city or state, try targeting a specific point on the map. When users pass this point, they will see your ad in a more pertinent situation.

A mobile user has a different state of mind than a desktop user, often driven by location or immediacy. You must first consider whether your campaign would even have a shot at working on a mobile device. The assets, messaging and call to action must all change before you can attempt to launch.

Bio: Ted Dhanik devotes his time and energy to digital media and advertising. Since the early 2000s, Ted Dhanik has utilized banner advertising to improve the Web ecosystem. Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a firm specializing in digital advertising technology.

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Quantcast Releases Top 20 Global Ad Networks: engage:BDR Ranked in Top Ten

The digital advertising company engage:BDR is proud to announce that it has been listed as one of Quantcast’s top 20 global ad networks. Using Quantcast Measure profiles to measure traffic, the ratings firm found that engage:BDR ranks as one of the top ad networks in the US and the world. The list will be updated quarterly, but this is a sign that digital advertising is experiencing incredible growth.

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The Quantcast list of Global Ad Networks was designed to provide some insight into the global advertising ecosystem online. It also serves as a method to validate and measure how well engage:BDR has helped advertisers reachwith their audience. The traffic numbers also suggest that the adoption of automated technology has helped distribute ads. engage:BDR prides itself on the ability to match marketers to their target audience, even allowing hyper-local and microtargeting on mobile.

The list is drawn from platforms that allow measurement by Quantcast, and agree to share their data publicly. During testing, engage:BDR was ranked based on 30-days worth of visitors. This method of measurement is a standard, and it’s meant to identify an unduplicated audience. Although the list is limited to ad networks that work with third-party publishers, it does give an indication that the ad-exchange marketplace is growing. It’s also crucial for publishers to branch out into the global marketplace. This helps avoid market saturation, and opens the market up to a new segment of consumers.

Cross-Device and Cross- Channel companies like engage:BDR play an important role in the digital ecosystem because marketers can pursue both mobile and desktop advertising. Online video, especially in the mobile sector, has shown tremendous growth. Video also has the power to captivate an audience, and serves as an effective method of engagement.

This milestone is also an important moment in recognizing that advertising is a global business now. Companies like engage:BDR represent the digital advertising infrastructure necessary to expand global business. One of the striking facts about this placement is that engage:BDR has managed to maintain a close tie between global and domestic traffic. As more visitors utilize Quantcast Measure, engage:BDR hopes to find greater adoption in the world marketplace.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a digital advertising executive, and CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik is an active startup mentor, and writes frequently for AdAge. Ted Dhanik is based out Los Angeles.

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How package forwarding help businesses

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If you own a small business or an online store dealing in tangible sales and offering postage of packages, you might have noticed that opting for order fulfillment services tend to be more cost-effective compared to if you had to offer the service in-house. Indeed, offering the service in-house might have constituted of several costs such as training and staffing, software purchase to keep track of stocks and adequate equipment for package processing. Outsourcing this service is, in comparison, quite cost-effective if you consider all the above factors.

Order fulfillment companies relieve you from the stress of catering for space to stock your inventory. These companies are also able to cater for growth in sales during certain high period such as Christmas. They are able to cater for parcel forwarding, returns and remailing. You would thus not have to worry about returns and having to resend the package, this would be taken care for you.

These companies often strike deals with carriers and as such as are able to offer low prices to you, which you can in turn pass on to your clients to encourage them to purchase more. The cost fulfillment services generally remain low as these companies are able to spread out their fixed costs such as salaries and renting into variable costs. Partnering with a fulfillment company would thus allow you to effectively carry out your main line of business without worrying about shipping and packages.

USA2me is a company specializing in mail forwarders services for individuals and companies.

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Start your hand-made jewelry shop

Written by TooCuteBeads

If you are good at crafting hand-made jewelry, engaging in a business geared towards this field can be worthwhile. The key is to have the right supplies, the inspiration to make innovative products and a general plan on how to go about with the business. The tips below could provide you with some rough guidelines. you might want to adapt them to your situation.

In order to embark into creating your own hand-made jewelry store, whether it is a physical store or an online one, you might want to find out about your niche first. Knowing who would be your target customers and most importantly, what they would be likely to buy would help you to orient your business in the right direction.

Moreover, after determining the style and taste of your targeted customers, you might want to find the best sources of beads and findings to carry out with your business. Quality is key as this would impact on the overall product that you would yield to your customers. You might want to source your products online and purchase jewelry kits to try out. You could make some prototypes to show to your friends and family and to get their opinion.

To make your business viable, you might also consider marketing your products using online tools such as Facebook and other social media pages. You would also be able to interact with your customers and to know about changes in trends in order to adapt easily.

Too Cute Beads is an online store specializing in jewelry supplies such as bracelet kits and beadings.

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Replace the Old Registers

Written by Cash Registers Online

Those of you with brick and mortar businesses would do well to keep your equipment up and running at all times. Maintenance is huge because you can’t afford to lose things like point of sale supplies while you’re trying to continually bring in revenues. One issue, amongst many, is that you’re probably competing with a number of digital options. This means you simply can’t lost track of the importance of convenience. If you use a cash register, your store could suffer from major complaints if it stops working for some reason.

Companies at battle with the online world aren’t the only kind that has to worry about their hardware though. Restaurants don’t have any online competition, for example. However, they could lose out to any competitor if they can’t use their machinery to provide the utmost in convenience. That’s where high-tech registers, card reading systems and HME pagers make all the difference. Just because your food is great doesn’t mean people will put up with a lot of hurdles in order to enjoy it.

So don’t lose track of the infrastructure your business depends on in order to stay relevant. Affordable options abound.


If you’re in the market to improve your business, Cash Register Online has all the products and knowhow you need to build the solutions you need. Amongst other things, you’ll find a wide range of items that include just about every type of point of sale supplies you’ll need including restaurant pagers.

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Creating Your Own Jewelry Business

If you’re going to start a home-based business, creating luxury goods is a great route to take. A jewelry business can be particularly lucrative if you play your cards right. With some beads and jewelry supplies, a little inspiration and a plan, a jewelry business could be your ticket to financial independence. Use the following as a rough entrepreneurial road map.

Pin Down a Great Niche

Before you do anything, you need to figure out the kind of jewelry you want to work with. Whether you plan on working with puka shells, Swarovski crystal beads or metal, targeting the right niche of potential buyers will be the key to your success. Perform extensive market research in your local area and online to identify a profitable target audience.

Source Goods & Prototype

Regardless of your niche, you’ll need plenty of raw materials like silver, ceramic, wood and even poly-carbonate to play around with. Look for bulk suppliers on the web via online directories. If you’re at a loss as to where to begin, Google is a good place to start. Whip up a few different prototype earrings, necklaces and other accessories and test them out with friends or family.

Figure Out Production

With a solid jewelry lineup worked out, you can move on to the production phase of the program. You can either manufacture the goods yourself or outsource the grunt work. Domestic and international manufacturers can be found quite easily online via directories such as ThomasNet, the National Association of Manufacturers and Global Sources.

Square Away Distribution

You’ll probably have your hands full just designing, refining and promoting your jewelry to have much time for door-to-door sales pitches. You’ll need to quickly settle on the right distribution model for your own business. You could exclusively target local shops in your area, set up an online shopping cart or use affiliates to sell your goods to the public.

Brand & Market Your Line

Ultimately, the best way to promote a niche jewelry business is through aggressive branding and word-of-mouth promotion. Make sure to trademark and copyright your creations and use social media sites like Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook to reach a wider audience. Try highlighting the unique mix of beads and jewelry supplies that you employ in your work.

Stay on Top of Your Game

As an intrinsically trendy industry, the jewelry game can change quicker than you’d think. For example, colored glass beads might be incredibly popular one year and terribly passé the next. If you want your business to go the distance, you’ll need to play around with different jewelry styles and avoid becoming complacent.
John Woodson writes on behalf of Too Cute Beads, a site for necklace and earring kits and DIY jewelry. Become your own jewelry designer when you order from Too Cute Beads.

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Marketing with cultural differences

Written by E21 Magic Media

Finding a Taiwan marketing agency or a China pr agency is something that you need to do as a foreign company that wants to do business in new countries. The primary reason for this is that cultural differences between your home country and the foreign country that you may want to do business in may be so great that if you stick with your domestic marketing campaign, you might eventually drive away your customers from purchasing your products. If you want to make it big in a new country, you should also adjust your marketing campaign to suit cultural differences so you would not inadvertently insult or alienate different cultures in the process. Think about it, if you want to sell products in a country whose religion is predominantly Muslim, you may want to dial down on your marketing campaign involving beautiful women in bikinis. Their religion as well as their laws do not see this as a good marketing strategy. If you don’t stop it, you will draw the ire and disrespect of local consumers and business leaders alike. You want to have a marketing campaign that’s effective in a foreign market, and that’s why you should also get local advertising firms in the country you want to do business in if you want to make your marketing campaign effective. You cannot just operate on the notion that your product will sell like crazy just because your marketing campaign back home was very effective. This is a new ballgame now.


If you need a marketing firm asia, these guys are the ones for you. They are competent, and they know their market very well.

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What the best cash register would be for your business

Written by Cash Registers Online

Cash registers are more than just machines that make sure your money is tucked away in a safe place while your store operates the entire day. It also records all the transactions your business enters into, providing you with a very accurate record that you can use to update your books. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for the best point of sale cash register and Point of sale supplies, all you need to do is pay a quick visit to any Cash register store. So why point of sale? Well, aside from accurately recording your transactions, you would also be able to check them online at real time apart from being able to convert all your data and transactions into other documents like a balance sheet. Other than that, you would also be able to convert them into data that you can use in accomplishing your tax forms as well. So these point of sale systems sound very effective and complex, are they expensive? As a matter of fact, they actually aren’t. it is a must that you should have a point of sale cash register in your business, and that’s because things would go a whole lot smoother with them. But before you buy one, you must have to make sure as well that your staff is well-trained to operate them. Make it a point as well that they should never miss a single transaction when recording them. Otherwise, your records wouldn’t be accurate due to unrecorded transactions.


Cash register keyboard covers are important to make sure that your registers remain clean and free from any dirt or debris. This way you can make sure that everything stays clean in your store.

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Business consulting during times of crisis

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction delay claimscan become very tedious and time-consuming. If you get an inexperienced legal counsel, it can take years to resolve wherein the chances of you winning might even be slim to none due to lack of any documentary evidence to back up your claim. In a legal standpoint, a delay sets in when a party obligated to perform a particular act or deliver a particular thing fails to do so even when the agreed maturity date of the obligation has arrived. Depending on your contract, your delay can be very quick to resolve with the amount of damages fixed and predetermined; or it can be very tedious and difficult to determine where a court or a mediation board, or arbitrator would have to determine the award for you – and despite all that, the award might not even be enough to cover your losses. If you want to get out on top in situations such as this, you need to make sure that you stipulate penal clauses for any project delays with fixed liquidated damages as well as interest rates. You can do this by stipulating these conditions in your contract where both parties agree and are amenable to the contract. This will expedite any and all claims for delay, and the only thing you need to present is the contract itself and the fact that the opposing party truly is in delay. The documents that you essentially need are progress reports from the architect or the engineer in charge of the project.


When it comes to finding the best construction claims consultant, you need to make sure that they have a very good track record. This way, identification of risk as well as dispute avoidance wouldn’t cause you so much trouble and grief.

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Setting up your very own jewelry business

Written by Too Cute Beads

Making jewelry doesn’t have to mean that you need to purchase raw materials such as precious metals and stones. As a matter of fact, you can still make jewelry without having to resort to the use of these extremely expensive materials. You can opt for Beads and jewely supply that aren’t so expensive when making jewelry. And as a person that’s looking to make your own jewelry business, it’s also better if you start with something that’s relatively cheaper just in case you make mistakes while trying to make your business grow – and you definitely will make mistakes down the road. Setting up your own jewelry business as well doesn’t have to mean that you need to invest in an office space or immediately hire employees. You can start small-scale, and you can even start experimenting by creating jewelry out of your very own living room. This way, you can save on rent and utilities as well as other overhead expenses related to business. If you don’t have capital, it’s always best to start with minimal cost. Although it may be difficult for your business to grow with limited capital, it’s alright because you’re still in your experimental stage. If you find that you’re quite good at what you do, then it’s time to find sources of capital for your business as well as applying for a business permit to make things legitimate. You can also start by selling to friends and family too to get things going.


Too cute beads is a place where you are able to purchase Swarovski pendants, crystals and a whole lot of other jewelry supplies. You can also purchase jewelry kits from them containing various items that you can mix and match.

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