American Industrialism in the 21st Century

Some might say that the age of the great capitalists that shape the American economic landscape is over. A lot of people think that the age of Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie is long gone and American capitalism in the industrial age sense of the word is dead. These people could not be more mistaken. Though the economic landscape has changed significantly from the turn of the 20th century, becoming a great industrialist is still a possibility.

One man of note in modern capitalist America is Ukraine-born American industrialist Len Blavatnik. Blavatnik company holdings include involvement in Russia, Europe, North and South America; in various industries such as natural resources and chemicals, media and telecommunications and real estate. One of Blavatnik’s most famous investments is ownership of Warner Music Group.

The success achieved by Len Blavatnik, a Ukrainian immigrant goes to show that the American dream is not dead and anyone can make it big in the land of opportunity through hard work and determination. Blavatnik earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1989. Prior to that, he founded his business firm in 1986. Through smart business deals he managed to build an industrial empire all over the world.

Along with Blavatnik’s business success, he is also known for his philanthropy. Blavatnik news pieces usually involve his involvement in many cultural and educational projects such as the British Museum and Royal Opera House.

Blavatnik’s life and work goes to show that the American dream of capitalism paired with philanthropy is alive and kicking in this modern age.

Article submitted by Access Industries, Inc. Access Industries, Inc. is a diversified conglomerate involved in a wide range of industries in a global scale. It is also active in philanthropy through the Blavatnik Foundation.

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Online Retail Makes Good Business

You’re the trendy type, and as much as you’ve been getting by with the new things being churned out by retailers and stylists, you decide that it’s time to stop being just a follower. You pool your friends and resources together and set out to create a collection of clothes and other apparel. Soon enough, you and your team are churning out designs like pancakes. You show the design around and your friends are all clamoring for it.

Scraping up your individual savings together, you venture forth and finally get those ideas translated to a realityat first, you sell to your friends and family, not long after that, you begin to branch out into hiring micro-distributors in some of the nearer communities. Business is good, and it is definitely booming – those ideas are still being churned out at big payloads.

As much as this is already good, you may not be realizing your full potential. Online retail is the best way to go if you’re a micro-enterprise trying to tap into more people. Online shopping cart ecommerce is the way to best address the need for online payment and distribution. It is a fast, secure and more systematic way of expanding your reach.

This type of commerce shopping cart has continued to become a partner of many online retailers. It has helped not only them, but also their customers with their convenience and efficiency. It’s definitely the best way to get your ideas out there (and make a profit at that!)

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Color Matching Frozen Yogurt and Their Spoons

One great way to serve ice cream and frozen yogurt is by matching their colors with the spoons and cups in which they will be contained. The color coordination trick helps your guests enjoy their treats accordingly, and at the same time get entertained by the matching shades. You can start this kind of arrangement with tasting spoons, and then give out ice cream servings with matching gelato spoons.

When serving frozen delights such as ice cream or gelato, then you may begin by using colors that match the flavor of the sweet treat. For example, you can use pink spoons on strawberry flavored ice cream, or green on pistachio, and purple for berry flavored ice cream. You can also use yellow on banana and orange flavored frozen yogurt. On the other hand, there are also flavors that are difficult to match colors with, such as chocolate. Since chocolate comes in a darker shade, you can use white or yellow spoons on it instead. The same goes with vanilla; you may use a complimenting color, such as brown or blue to make the spoon stand out. For frozen treats that come in different colors (such as rocky road or cookies and cream flavors), then you can use other standout colors, such as pink and light blue.

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Take Advantage of Professional Office Solutions to Help Grow Your Business

In the modern business setting, one of the most important commodities that any firm, big or small, puts great value in is flexibility. Globalization has brought the pace required to be competitive to dizzying speeds. The age of the small and steady business has come to pass and in order for a company to survive and thrive, it has to grow. Fierce global competition requires businesses to always be at the top of their game in order to become successful.

In this increasingly competitive environment, firms need to utilize every single advantage that they can muster. In the case of expanding businesses, relocating or setting up operations in a major city can put a major strain on an enterprise’ finances and brings in a new set of logistical problems. What most firms do not realize however is that there are professional office solutions providers that can not only take away the logistical nightmare involved with the move but also cut down expenses by utilizing their experience and expertise in the area. Whether you’re looking to rent an office space in Dallas or other major business centers or are looking to set up temporary office spaces, a professional firm is who you need.

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