• May 23, 2024

Color Matching Frozen Yogurt and Their Spoons

One great way to serve ice cream and frozen yogurt is by matching their colors with the spoons and cups in which they will be contained. The color coordination trick helps your guests enjoy their treats accordingly, and at the same time get entertained by the matching shades. You can start this kind of arrangement with tasting spoons, and then give out ice cream servings with matching gelato spoons.

When serving frozen delights such as ice cream or gelato, then you may begin by using colors that match the flavor of the sweet treat. For example, you can use pink spoons on strawberry flavored ice cream, or green on pistachio, and purple for berry flavored ice cream. You can also use yellow on banana and orange flavored frozen yogurt. On the other hand, there are also flavors that are difficult to match colors with, such as chocolate. Since chocolate comes in a darker shade, you can use white or yellow spoons on it instead. The same goes with vanilla; you may use a complimenting color, such as brown or blue to make the spoon stand out. For frozen treats that come in different colors (such as rocky road or cookies and cream flavors), then you can use other standout colors, such as pink and light blue.

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