Replace the Old Registers

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Those of you with brick and mortar businesses would do well to keep your equipment up and running at all times. Maintenance is huge because you can’t afford to lose things like point of sale supplies while you’re trying to continually bring in revenues. One issue, amongst many, is that you’re probably competing with a number of digital options. This means you simply can’t lost track of the importance of convenience. If you use a cash register, your store could suffer from major complaints if it stops working for some reason.

Companies at battle with the online world aren’t the only kind that has to worry about their hardware though. Restaurants don’t have any online competition, for example. However, they could lose out to any competitor if they can’t use their machinery to provide the utmost in convenience. That’s where high-tech registers, card reading systems and HME pagers make all the difference. Just because your food is great doesn’t mean people will put up with a lot of hurdles in order to enjoy it.

So don’t lose track of the infrastructure your business depends on in order to stay relevant. Affordable options abound.


If you’re in the market to improve your business, Cash Register Online has all the products and knowhow you need to build the solutions you need. Amongst other things, you’ll find a wide range of items that include just about every type of point of sale supplies you’ll need including restaurant pagers.

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Picking a New House Color: Tips and Tricks

One of the first things you’ll notice about Virginia homes for sale is that paint jobs can be highly particular to the tastes of an individual. There are some houses with many colors for each wall of the home, while others opt for a plain white aesthetic. It’s common for buyers to completely repaint an entire house, even when there is nothing physically wrong with the walls themselves. With these tips, you should be able to choose a color that will compliment your home and look beautiful for years.

Color Wheel

Lots of friends and family will advise you to consult a color wheel for interior design. Painting companies will bring one with them to show you ideas, guaranteed. So, how can you harness this useful tool for yourself?

A color wheel consists of 12 parts, which represent color families in the spectrum. The primary colors are represented, with secondary colors placed between them. This way it’s easy to see that orange, for instance, is a mix of yellow and red. You’ll also notice that color wheels have hues, or the basic color, right alongside the values of that hue. This is helpful for picking that precise color you want to remodel a room in your home. There are also design motifs to be aware of, such as monochromatic schemes (light to dark). If you want complementary colors, choose two colors from opposite sides of the wheel.

Plan the Room

Real estate in Richmond VA can vary in style quite a bit from one property to the next. You might find exposed brick in one building, with rustic styles in another. If you try to choose the color scheme without considering these styles, and how they will impact your interior design, you will often find mismatched schemes. You should look at the furniture you plan to bring with you, and the other elements of the room that bring out color. Work within that color scheme to choose something that complements each of your choices. You can even use accent colors to bring out the stark differences between darker and lighter parts of a room.

Gloss or Matte

The most important thing to remember about glossy paint is that it’s easier to clean. Matte paint tends to absorb substances, like oil or water, and will show stains much easier. Matte finishes can look very clean when all is said and done, but gloss paint is much easier to maintain. However, gloss paint can be difficult to paint over when the time comes. You will need to sand gloss finishes lightly, so that your base coat will adhere to the surface.
Relocate to Richmond will help you find a realtor in Richmond Virginia. Search properties by home value or location when you browse Relocate to Richmond online.

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Creating Your Own Jewelry Business

If you’re going to start a home-based business, creating luxury goods is a great route to take. A jewelry business can be particularly lucrative if you play your cards right. With some beads and jewelry supplies, a little inspiration and a plan, a jewelry business could be your ticket to financial independence. Use the following as a rough entrepreneurial road map.

Pin Down a Great Niche

Before you do anything, you need to figure out the kind of jewelry you want to work with. Whether you plan on working with puka shells, Swarovski crystal beads or metal, targeting the right niche of potential buyers will be the key to your success. Perform extensive market research in your local area and online to identify a profitable target audience.

Source Goods & Prototype

Regardless of your niche, you’ll need plenty of raw materials like silver, ceramic, wood and even poly-carbonate to play around with. Look for bulk suppliers on the web via online directories. If you’re at a loss as to where to begin, Google is a good place to start. Whip up a few different prototype earrings, necklaces and other accessories and test them out with friends or family.

Figure Out Production

With a solid jewelry lineup worked out, you can move on to the production phase of the program. You can either manufacture the goods yourself or outsource the grunt work. Domestic and international manufacturers can be found quite easily online via directories such as ThomasNet, the National Association of Manufacturers and Global Sources.

Square Away Distribution

You’ll probably have your hands full just designing, refining and promoting your jewelry to have much time for door-to-door sales pitches. You’ll need to quickly settle on the right distribution model for your own business. You could exclusively target local shops in your area, set up an online shopping cart or use affiliates to sell your goods to the public.

Brand & Market Your Line

Ultimately, the best way to promote a niche jewelry business is through aggressive branding and word-of-mouth promotion. Make sure to trademark and copyright your creations and use social media sites like Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook to reach a wider audience. Try highlighting the unique mix of beads and jewelry supplies that you employ in your work.

Stay on Top of Your Game

As an intrinsically trendy industry, the jewelry game can change quicker than you’d think. For example, colored glass beads might be incredibly popular one year and terribly passé the next. If you want your business to go the distance, you’ll need to play around with different jewelry styles and avoid becoming complacent.
John Woodson writes on behalf of Too Cute Beads, a site for necklace and earring kits and DIY jewelry. Become your own jewelry designer when you order from Too Cute Beads.

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