• May 27, 2024

Picking a New House Color: Tips and Tricks

One of the first things you’ll notice about Virginia homes for sale is that paint jobs can be highly particular to the tastes of an individual. There are some houses with many colors for each wall of the home, while others opt for a plain white aesthetic. It’s common for buyers to completely repaint an entire house, even when there is nothing physically wrong with the walls themselves. With these tips, you should be able to choose a color that will compliment your home and look beautiful for years.

Color Wheel

Lots of friends and family will advise you to consult a color wheel for interior design. Painting companies will bring one with them to show you ideas, guaranteed. So, how can you harness this useful tool for yourself?

A color wheel consists of 12 parts, which represent color families in the spectrum. The primary colors are represented, with secondary colors placed between them. This way it’s easy to see that orange, for instance, is a mix of yellow and red. You’ll also notice that color wheels have hues, or the basic color, right alongside the values of that hue. This is helpful for picking that precise color you want to remodel a room in your home. There are also design motifs to be aware of, such as monochromatic schemes (light to dark). If you want complementary colors, choose two colors from opposite sides of the wheel.

Plan the Room

Real estate in Richmond VA can vary in style quite a bit from one property to the next. You might find exposed brick in one building, with rustic styles in another. If you try to choose the color scheme without considering these styles, and how they will impact your interior design, you will often find mismatched schemes. You should look at the furniture you plan to bring with you, and the other elements of the room that bring out color. Work within that color scheme to choose something that complements each of your choices. You can even use accent colors to bring out the stark differences between darker and lighter parts of a room.

Gloss or Matte

The most important thing to remember about glossy paint is that it’s easier to clean. Matte paint tends to absorb substances, like oil or water, and will show stains much easier. Matte finishes can look very clean when all is said and done, but gloss paint is much easier to maintain. However, gloss paint can be difficult to paint over when the time comes. You will need to sand gloss finishes lightly, so that your base coat will adhere to the surface.
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