• May 27, 2024

A Must for Every Renter: Tenant Screening

Renting one’s property out to individuals can be and is an unnerving act.  There are laws that prohibit discrimination but still, having to trust someone to take care of one’s property is a risky business.  There are tenant screening services that can provide a sense of relief for the owner and help to possibly prevent future problems from occurring. 

A tenant credit check is a great background check to run first.  If a tenant has poor credit then it is obvious that they either, A. have a tremendous amount of debt and have maxed out their debt in comparison to their credit limit or B. they simply do not pay their bills on time.  The later part is the more concerning and disturbing part.  Laws have been written that are more on the side of the tenant than they are necessarily on the side of the owner or landlord.  These laws have made it more difficult to evict tenants even if they are violating the lease agreement and not paying rent. 

Now as an owner this is a terrifying prospect.  Having a tenant that is in one’s property and not paying the lease is literally stealing money from the owner.  Tenant screening is a easy but simply requirement to own property that will be rented out.  Taking these simple steps ahead of time and provide the owner with some extra work but will save a great deal of potential headache, stress and hassle to deal with later