• May 23, 2024

Investing in Your Future with Grand Cayman Real Estate

Written by: REMAX.ky

Summary: Cayman Island properties make excellent long term investment opportunities.

As your wealth grows, so to do your opportunities. Some are inevitably better than others. Cayman real estate offer investors both foreign and domestic, a unique opportunity. International investors have been pouring cash into the tiny island paradise, which has inevitably increased their quality of life and standard of living. This in turn has created an excellent opportunity for investors, but that is not the only positive, there’s more.

Tax Free Income

Grand Cayman real estate really doesn’t cost you long term. Say you purchase a property in cash. Aside from upkeep costs, that property carries no taxes. There is a one-time fee due upon purchase, and there is a small stamp duty to pay on legal documents. Any income you make from renting your property is also tax free, making it a prime spot for couples saving for retirement.

Values Rising

Grand Cayman has been on a steady track of overall growth since the 60s. The island continues to offer a thriving banking industry, which in turn fuels the construction economy and tourism industry. Cayman Luxury real estate tends to hold its value, if not increase over time. Especially if you purchase property in a desirable location such as the beach.

Final Thoughts

Cayman Island property offers a great long term opportunity for those looking to save for retirement. Tax free income provides great return, and reduces the costs associated with owning. Come and see for yourself when you visit Grand Cayman!

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