• May 27, 2024

Pocono Meeting Facilities – Meet and Play

Working in an office twenty four hours a day, seven days a week is never a fun exercise. If you would like to treat your employees to a nice change of scenery (both figuratively and literally), consider taking a trip to the Pocono mountain range. Pocono meeting facilities that meet the needs of many international clients and they’re situated in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the eastern United States. You can easily find a place to relax in between work hours and your employees and clients will surely thank you for the change of pace.


Getting work done in a stuffy office is hard. There are always too many distractions (looking at you, Facebook!). Getting away from it all for a few days or a week can be a great exercise in refreshment. Employees perform better after they’ve had time out because they’re not burnt out. Although taking a huge trip to the Pocono mountain range may be costly, the rejuvenation will pay for itself in the months to come.


Lodges like Sky Top are famous for their Poconos mountain resorts and their ability to transport visitors to a completely different headspace. You can take in the great outdoors while sitting in a meeting room, all while knowing that your family is staying in some of the best Poconos family resorts as well.  Be sure to plan ahead for these vacations though. They tend to fill up quickly because of the popularity of the region. Allow 6 months advance notice to get the best rates and locations!