• May 23, 2024

5 Up-and-Coming Richmond Neighborhoods Worth Checking Out

Like many mid-sized American cities, Richmond is in a constant state of flux as far as the desirability of its neighborhoods is concerned. Old standbys fall out of favor and new stalwarts gain cachet as time goes by. If you’re looking for real estate in a Richmond neighborhood with a bright future, the following locales are extremely viable options.


Centered around West Clay Street just north of Virginia Commonwealth University, Carver is an affordable graduate student favorite. The relative quiet and safety of Carver makes it a good choice for families with younger children. If you’re interested in seeing steady home value appreciation over the coming decade, buying a Carver house is a prudent decision.

Oregon Hill

Despite its former reputation as a rougher part of town, Oregon Hill has been going through the process of gentrification for quite some time now. Many a Richmond realtor will quickly tell you that Oregon Hill is a great place to find diamonds in the rough that just need a little TLC to really shine.

Woodland Heights

This Southside streetcar neighborhood boasts one of the most diverse arrays of Virginia homes you’ll find in the greater Richmond area. Though it’s located just minutes from downtown, Woodland Heights features a distinctly suburban feel. If you’re looking for solid property values at bargain prices and don’t like congestion, this hidden gem of a neighborhood is a must-see.


A planned West End neighborhood dating back to the 1980s, Raintree is the perfect choice for first-time home buyers and young families. The typical Raintree home is spacious and fairly modern with a decent yard to boot. Thanks to its convenient location, moderate prices and superb local schools, Raintree is basically the Goldilocks of Richmond residential neighborhoods.

Bon Air

Once upon a time, Bon Air was a popular recreational area for 19th century Richmond residents. Nowadays, it’s a solidly middle-class Southside community with excellent schools, reasonable traffic and plenty of attractive properties to choose from. If you don’t mind a moderate drive to get to downtown, Bon Air is an appealing suburban community worth investigating.

Promising Opportunities Abound

The Richmond VA real estate scene is quietly one of the most exciting in the United States at present. With so many neighborhoods on the rise, it’s easier than ever to snag a prime Richmond property at an affordable price. As impressive as the aforementioned neighborhoods are, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.
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