• July 18, 2024

The Power of a Real Estate Agent

Realtors and agents can help sellers to identify potential buyers of their home or property. The seller’s engaged agent is likely to offer this service because it’s one of the best ways to quickly sell the property – and also promotes his or her services in the community. Professional agents can offer services that most sellers can’t assemble on their own. Here are some reasons to consider engaging a professional when selling property:

The Power of Networks

Large and small real estate firms have established networks, so it’s easy (and expected) that the agent will promote the seller’s asset on their website, in select media, and on social network pages like Facebook. The agent can even decide to update his or her Twitter followers about the status of very attractive properties! Some agents also create streaming videos of the property to attract prospective buyers online. The advantages to the seller are obvious: these tools magnify the likelihood of selling the property sooner because more prospects and their networks can learn about the property online.

Agents almost always have lenders in their networks, and sellers may benefit from the presence of a lender at the open house. The lender assists the agent, seller, and potential buyer in this way and may receive on the spot mortgage loan applications as a result.

The Power of Branded Direct Marketing

Fewer sellers and their agents used direct mail today because it’s more expensive. For that reason, a postcard campaign targeted to prospective sellers about a plum property can yield outstanding results. His or her firm name and reputation can also motivate some prospects to respond to these campaigns.

By: Kuba Jewgieniew is an experienced computer programmer who currently runs Realty ONE Group, one of the top ten real estate firms in the United States.