• May 23, 2024

Ideas for Display Marketing

By Ted Dhanik 

To invest in display marketing, the advertisement that is created must have a certain tone or point. There are a lot of ways to go about this.

One such point of view is to use humor. Humor in advertising has been shown to be extremely effective, and in some cases, much more effective than a dramatic or forward advertisement. The logic behind it is simple- the ad reaches the emotional side of the potential client, instead of the logical and calculating side. Humor is also used to interest the consumer in the product. If a graphic comic is developed, and to get to the end of the joke the client must click on the ad, the goal is achieved when they follow the link to finish the joke. The consumer is then directed to the product. The ad has also succeeded in interesting the consumer enough in the brand and product to want to learn more about it- again leading them to the business’ webpage.

Humor is also successful because it can be used to speak about the brand. The consumer will link the quality of the ad to the brand of the company who sponsors it. If an intelligent joke is used to bring potential clients to the company website, consumers will associate the type of humor used with the brand that it promotes. In this way, depending on the brand and company, humor can be used to promote and strengthen the company’s name in the mind of clients.

There are many different ways to take display marketing, considering how many different ways display ads can be utilized. The trick is to find the style that fits the company. Humor is one such route, but there are many more.

Ted Dhanik provided this guest post.  Ted Dhanik is the CEO of display advertising company engage:BDR. Find out more about Ted Dhanik by visiting his website at www.teddhanik.com.