• May 21, 2024

The Benefits of Having a Good Mobile Website

Your company can have a highly-functioning site that views perfectly in every computer browser. However, it might still not be enough. Nowadays, search engine marketing Los Angeles is ordinarily not complete without building a beautiful, navigable mobile site.

Characteristics of a Mobile-Friendly Site

The demands for accessing information on the move is increasing. Along with that, people are finding what they need as they travel while viewing their phones or tablets at rest stops and hotels.

A mobile-friendly site usually includes these features:

  • Easily visible contact information – Best practices of marketing services in Los Angeles also includes making your contact page accessible from your site’s primary menu. You want users to be able to contact you when they need to.
  • Zoomable product images – This especially helps when the image has a description. People on phones, tablets and portable computers often want to see up close a small photo. This makes it easy for them to see pictures and text in detail.
  • Optimized for users – The pages need to load as fast as possible. This is especially helpful if the user is on a slow mobile connection. Each page needs to have as simple but as useful of a layout as possible as well.
  • Map and directions – Nowadays, a majority of mobile users are looking for local places on their phones. This is one of the hugest assets.
  • Apps on your site – Any time you make apps easily accessible to users either for their mobile devices or desktop, you usually have won them over. They are more likely to go back to it.
  • Social media buttons – SEM in Los Angeles often requires staying connected within as many avenues as possible online. Social media buttons make this convenient for users.

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